Interesting Fact

Adolescents with ADHD rated themselves as happier and were observed to fidget less after a massage session.


Having extensive osteoarthritis and hip replacements, skilled massage therapists are essential to pain control and improved joint range of motion. Pamela Bell is the most effective therapist I have used in the past ten years. Her skills have greatly relieved my neck and back pain as well as increasing the range of motion in my neck. Her work is tailored to my needs. Her therapy would be highly beneficial to anyone looking for muscle and joint help or just relaxation.
-Harriet Thomas


Thanks so much for providing my employees with the 10 minute chair massages. It was the perfect pick-me-up during a particularly hectic time at the office. They all LOVED their massage and walked out feeling cheerful and de-stressed. I received many comments on the fact that your style and manner made for a very comfortable environment. The small financial investment was repaid with employee appreciation and goodwill. Thanks again and we'll all look forward to sceduling another visit.

Kimberly Gibson




"It's not so much what Pam does, but how she does it. She has an incredible sense of touch."

Lee Weyhrich
current client

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